In Le Marché there is an innate sense of taste… where style and beauty come together as an expression of excellence. The gentle rolling hills home to this borgo are rich in history, known as the district of Montappone, renowned as the international center for hat production. In this scenic landscape is a hardworking community, well rooted in their in their origins as farmers, intertwined forever with their very history of working with straw. And it is here, in this quintessential Italian village, where the story of Cappellificio Vecchi Hats & Dreams begins… a family owned company that exemplifies how artisan knowledge can result in world-wide success. Our men’s and women’s hats have come to be known everywhere. And they come from here.


The backbone of the company is Alessandrina Ciccioli. Her expertise and experience inspires future generations through her work with her son Maurilio Vecchi, who is also the husband of the owner Fiorangela, always attentive to fashion and to the demands of the market. The family enjoys a century of history intertwined with straw. “This is our life, our passion, the fruit of a tradition handed down through the generations. Since before 1900, in fact, our family has practiced the craft of hat making, with an artiginal production of hats in straw. Thanks to this consolidated experience, our company was created over 25 years ago, and we produce and distribute men’s hats, women’s hats and accessories certified MADE IN ITALY.


A long standing and indefatigable passion for excellence… for beauty… for hat-making… innate within us… passion that has survived the changing styles and trends over time, nourishing our creative development, our embrace of technology… nurturing our success. Thanks to all this, our hats have stolen the hearts of people from countries east to west, and we have developed a market of ample range.