Maximum care to detail and a constant attention to new trends are integral to the brand HATS & DREAMS, with their unique capacity to encourage one to dream. The hat is the evocative image of the person wearing it, and like a crown, confers authority and power. When we dream of wearing a hat, or of someone else wearing one, we are connected to the world of ideas, to the mind, to reflections and reason. In the same way, perhaps once can say that to change your hat is the same as a transformation of thoughts or a change of opinion. Don’t take this choice lightly as it is said that the the hat sits on our thoughts! Aside from flattering our face, the hat must be adapted to our ideas and ignite our fantasies.


Each of our creations embodies the perfect synthesis between unyielding excellence, custom hand-made artisan production and the “Made in Italy” ethic of authentic, 100% Italian manufacture. Our collections include a wide selection of hats and accessories for women and men, with particular focus on women including coordinated sets with hats, purses, scarves and gloves.
Thanks to a highly specialized workforce of master craftsmen and women, we can transform a simple hat into a unique accessory – a true and real object of art – a metaphor for the creative spirit in all of us. Each hat, a rare piece – perfect as an incomparable gift or simply to wear and enjoy.